Monday, November 29, 2010

USSMA Introduces Licensing to Racers

The US Ski Mountaineering Association has announced that, as the governing body of the sport in the US, it will begin licensing racers. This is an exciting announcement as it means the sport is growing in the US. More racers means more races. And more races means more fun!

Licensing fees are as follows: $5/one-day, $25/annual, $50/Annual + USSMA toque

Licensing will work in the same way it does for cycling races. Only racing one or two events? Buy a a one-day. Think you might do more races? Buy and annual license.

The entry fee for the US National Championships includes your one-day license. The USSMA will have a table set up in the awards tent to answer questions and sell annual licenses. If you do buy an annual license at the Jackson event, you will be credited $5.

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