Monday, January 3, 2011


Official Race and Relay Course Map Below

Please note: The time cut-off at the bottom of the Headwall has been changed to 11am (or 3hrs after the Start). Also, this course is different than years past, please familiarize yourself with the course and read the course description below.

The race will start promptly at 8am. If avalanche control requires a delay of the race start, it will be announced verbally in the start area. Transceivers MUST be active throughout the entire race.

Required Equipment: Active transceiver, shovel, probe or probe poles, wind shell, pack, race ticket

Awards and raffle will take place at 1:30pm. Beer and pizza will occur right after.

Relay Team Members racing the 2nd leg will be required to gather at the event tent 15 minutes after race start.

Course description:
Start at the events tent near the deck of Nick Wilson's, skin over the skier bridge and up Gros Ventre. Turn left onto South Pass Traverse and follow the cattrack past Thunder Lift, past Sublette Lift and up Rendezvous Trail into Cheyenne Bowl. The Recreational Class will transition on top of the big hump on climber's right of Cheyenne Bowl for their descent down R-Trail and Lower Sublette Ridge.

Pro class will continue climbing up Bird-in-the-hand for a bit of off-piste skinning, cross Pepi's Ridge to the transition at the top of Alta 1 Chute. Pull skins to descend Alta 1 Chute into Laramie Bowl down to the bottom of Grand. Transition on skiers left. More off-piste skinning up Grand Woods to the transition at Tower 3 (the actual Tram tower).

Pull skins, cross Grand to enter Tower 3 Chute, descend into Amphitheater. Descend Amphitheater trending skier's left, look for transition.

Third skin will be groomer and cattrack (Amphitheater and Lupine way) to reach the top of Bridger Gondola. (Aid Station and Relay Exchange is located here) Toss your skis on your pack and boot to the top of the Headwall. Skin over to the top of the Headwall and descend the southeast-facing couloir to the small bench at the bottom of the cliffband. Hang a hard right for a gliding traverse to the top of the Cirque.

Put skins on to climb up into Tensleep Bowl with the Corbet's boot looming above. Skis on pack for the boot up Corbet's, then skis on feet for the skin to Corbet's Cabin. Catch your breath for the long descent down Rendezvous Bowl to Central Chute. Descend Central Chute (dog-leg left 50m on bench then continue descent) into Cheyenne Bowl. Follow R-Trail almost to the bottom of Sublette Lift and go right onto Lower Sublette Ridge. Descend Lower Sublette Ridge to Union Pass Traverse, follow Union Pass Traverse to transition at Colter Ridge. Skin up Lower faces to South Pass Traverse.

Rip skins for the final time, head downhill on the cattrack, not very far, and go hard right off the cattrack into Lander Bowl. Ski Lander Bowl, merging with Lower Tramline, Get on the groomer and grab your tuck. Look left, for public traffic, as you cross the Way Home trail, keep heading toward the bottom of the tram, staying skier right, cross the skier bridge and finish at the event tent.

Good show-you're back where you started-only with a bigger smile (and appetite).


  1. this is ridiculous. what a bunch of sicko's.

    watch out for "big time ben c" coming up from behind to take the lead.