Friday, January 4, 2013



There have been two adjustments to the race course. Course changes are as follows:

1) FIRST CLIMB (Race and Rec) :: After passing the base of Sublette Lift, racers will veer up right onto Pepi’s Ridge.  Continue up technical, off-piste skinning, PAST THE ALTA CHUTES,  to Laramie Traverse. (We are unable to use the Alta Chutes as they have been closed) Transition is on Laramie Traverse.

RACE CLASS: From this transition descend Flip Point staying skiers right and off the groomer. Continue descent almost to the bottom of Sublette chair. Look for the transition on skier’s left at the bottom of Grand Woods.

REC CLASS: This is your turnaround point. Descend Pepi’s Bench staying close to the Ridge proper, at the bottom cross South Pass Traverse (watching for uphill traffic!), to enter Lower Subletter Ridge. The rest of your course is the same.

2) DESCENT FROM TOP OF COURSE: After descending Rendezvous Bowl, move right and join Rendezvous Trail. DO NOT ENTER CENTRAL CHUTE (Central has been closed) Continue on Rendezvous Trail to Wally World. Look for volunteers and a panel gate on skiers left. DO NOT MISS THIS TURN! Descend Wally World until it merges with Rendezvous Trail. Ski the groomed Rendezvous Trail almost to the bottom of Sublette Chair. Look for panel gates, fencing and a course marshal to direct you skier’s right, off the run, onto Lower Sublette Ridge. DO NOT MISS THIS TURN!

If you see the maze at the bottom of the chair, you went too far.
The rest of your course is the same.

You may download a higher res version of the above map here.

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